Thread Organization and Storage

Do you feel a small burst of happiness every time you look at your thread because it’s organized beautifully? For those of us who groove on spools, let’s talk about how to organize them and some clever ways to keep your stash stashed.

We asked our Superior Stars and Educators for unique and interesting ways that they store thread. We are ecstatic to feature a few of their thread tips, tricks and organization hacks for all of you to see.

gallery of thread

Tips & Tricks From Superior Stars:

  • Sue Bleiweiss stores her thread on spool racks on her studio walls by color. She prefers this method, because it makes it easy to see what she has and grab what she needs, while adding a decorative touch to the room
  • Patt Blair stores her Superior Threads in a large thread cabinet. Sorted by size, thread weight, variegated, solid, etc. She uses dymo labels on each drawer such as small neutrals, small colored, blendables, solids, twist and variegated, applique, 100 wt., etc. They are located adjacent to her home machine for quick and easy access!
  • Patt organizes her different types of thread into plastic project carriers found at hobby & office supply stores. Easy to carry around and store wherever.
  • Carol Waugh needs to see all her thread in one place and out in the open. She found a see-through twisting swivel stand at a ‘going out of business’ sale with see-through plastic. She organizes by the type of thread (cotton, poly, variegated, and other) and then by color within each type.

More Organization Ideas:

Separate by:

  • Usage
  • Fiber type
  • How the thread is wound
  • Color

Store in:

  • A drawer – for a small spool and bobbin collection
  • On a thread stand – a classic because it works and looks good
  • Wall-mounted rack or pegboard – compact and highly visible style, can also be used to hang scissors and other tools
  • Bobbin keepers – store them with the matching thread spool or store all bobbins together (if separate – store in little tins)
  • In jars – great for embroidery floss!

We hope that you have everything you need to accomplish your thread organization goals and can’t wait to see what you create with Superior Threads!