Easy Cuddle Minky Baby Blanket

We love partnering with fellow quilting companies to create beautiful projects, and today we want to share something really special. Mary is a brand ambassador with Shannon Fabrics and created this darling Wee Ones Moonwalk kit in Shell using Superior Threads So Fine.

Mary used So Fine! in color #491, Pastel Pink. The beautiful, soft color worked well for both needle and bobbin and is Mary’s favorite thread for Cuddle® quilts. In her own words, So Fine! “Is amazing to work with! It is both strong enough that I don’t experience thread breaking and fine enough to sink into the Cuddle® fibers.”

Mary’s Best Tips for this project are to:

  • Lengthen your stitch. She uses a 4mm.
  • Slow down! Cuddle® doesn’t like to be rushed!
  • Use lots of pins, when you think you have enough, add a few more! It’s much easier to keep it where you want it before you sew, than having to un-sew and redo!

This darling quilt will be a favorite for any new mother and baby. Check out the free Wee One pattern at ShannonFabrics.com.

So Fine! is one of our most popular threads, and for good reason. It is available in over 130 colors and as a 50 wt. polyester thread, it blends perfectly into any project.