Superior Threads Summer Bucket List

As quilters, our to-do lists are never done! We always have something to make (or finish!), a new technique to try, or a fun event to attend with our sewing buddies. Our Superior Threads Bucket List is just what you need to cross some of these dream items off your list!

You may have run across various lists of things to do, things to see, things to try and things to taste across the internet. This concept is widely popular, because we naturally want to experience more out of life and continue to thrive in our creativity.

This got us thinking, and we want to share our own list to help you experience more and enjoy this summer through all of your sewing, quilting and crafting endeavors.

This list is a mix of 50 fun items — some project-related, some technique based, and some are designed to get you connected with other quilters! It’s a great way to shake up your normal routine and, in some cases, really get out of your comfort zone. Check it out below!

  • Visit a quilt shop.
  • Label a quilt.
  • Figure yardage for a quilt.
  • Learn about warp and weft.
  • Use a rotary cutter.
  • Use templates.
  • Paper piece a quilt block.
  • Hand applique a quilt block.
  • Embellish a quilt.
  • Try free motion quilting.
  • Stitch in the ditch.
  • Try hand quilting.
  • Bind a quilt.
  • Join the ends of quilt binding.
  • Have a quilt appraised.
  • See a local quilt show.
  • Take a road trip with quilt friends.
  • Create a Pinterest board with quilts.
  • Donate a quilt to a good cause.
  • Try bobbin work.
  • Design a quilt.
  • Change/tweak/alter a pattern to make it your own.
  • Make a color wheel with fabric swatches.
  • Chat about quilting with a stranger.
  • Use a color you detest.
  • Get up early (or stay up late) to quilt.
  • Make a scrap quilt.
  • Understand the basics of caring for quilts.
  • Borrow a quilting book from the public library.
  • Teach someone else to quilt.
  • Post quilt pics to Facebook. (Don’t forget to tag Superior Threads so we can see your beautiful work!)
  • Install quilty wallpaper on your computer.
  • Put a quilty bumper sticker on your car.
  • Read your sewing machine manual cover to cover.
  • Help a friend make a quilt.
  • Include your quilts in your will (i.e. who gets them).
  • Determine your favorite thread for piecing. (have you tried MasterPiece?)
  • Understand the concept of value.
  • Understand the mathematics of quilt blocks.
  • Take part in a block exchange.
  • Write how-to instructions for making a quilt block.
  • Watch a quilting video. We recommend the Superior Threads YouTube channel.
  • Know the parts of a sewing machine needle and why they matter. Our educational portal offers tons of quality information on needles!
  • Organize your stash.
  • Finish a UFO.
  • Purchase thread on impulse.
  • Try sewing with precuts.
  • Trade fabrics or threads with quilt friends.
  • Become a regular reader of a quilting blog. (Like Superior Threads’ Blog!)
  • Go on a Shop Hop.

The possibilities are endless! We would love to hear what you think. Should we add to this list? Or take anything off?

When you think about all the things you’ve already done, try to remember how much quilting has enriched your life! And never forget, there’s nothing more exciting than starting a new project.

Download the Bucket List here and start crossing items off the list! We are happy to have your full support — We hope you join us again for more quilting fun, learning and new experiences.

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